Hot Sexy Aki Hoshino DVDs

Sexy Aki Hoshino - Hoshino Tours DVD  Hoshino Tours
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2008/01/25
After performing the role of Cinderella in the Japanese dub of "Shrek 3" this talented actress and idol returns to show off her massive 88cm bust and strong body. Picture-labeled disc with prescott-style jacket.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Gekkan Aki Hoshino 3 Gekkan Aki Hoshino III
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2007/11/28
Short movie and image DVD release from Aki Hoshino in celebration of her upcoming "Gekkan Aki Hoshino II" book release. Aki disguises herself as a strange, moving doll, challenging her viewers with plenty of bold shots. Full of tons of great gravure as well.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Aki Hoshino Collaboration Box - Stella Aki Hoshino Collaboration Box -Stella-
Aki Hoshino  DVD | Release: 2007/06/29
Collaboration box from popular gravure and TV variety actress Aki Hoshino features one DVD, 15 trading cards only available in this set, one special edition card, and special goods. DVD features making-of footage focusing on swimsuit scenes, with images of Hoshino in dresses, kimono, and western style wear as well! Also includes interview.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Present DVD Present
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2007/05/25
New DVD from eternal gravure idol Aki Hoshino shot completely on-location in Hawaii. Though she may turn into a mermaid in Hawaii, she still has that bewitching smile. Here you'll find love, healing, and a smile . . . As well as tons of special, sexy shots.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Premuim DVD-Box Aki Hoshino Premium DVD-BOX Aki Hoshino
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2007/03/27
Box set of previously released titles from eternal lolita Aki Hoshino. Box includes the image DVDs "Hoshinoaki/milk" and two other early titles plus unreleased scenes on a bonus DVD. Includes four DVDs and bonus Aki Hoshino trading card.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Kensa Nyuin DVD Kensa Nyuin
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2007/02/23
Special-priced DVD release from popular idol Aki Hoshino full of extremely sexy shots of that extremely cute, extremely sexy body. This time around Aki goes in for a real medical exam!
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Dabu Hoshi DVD Dabu Hoshi
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2007/01/24
Latest image DVD release from Japan's most famous gravure idol, Aki Hoshino. This tiem around Aki travels to Hong Kong to try on outfits so sexy they surprise the locals as she wanders around the towns and beaches! Later she travels inside the city for a cosplay session featuring the actual uniform and volleyball uniform that Aki wore in junior high. Watch as Aki changes in front of you, just *this* close to showing you everything.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - TUTU DVD TUTU
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2006/11/30
Latest image DVD release from top gravure queen and TV star Aki Hoshino follows up on her recently successful photobook "sabra" with a sexy new DVD release featuring all sorts of sexy new situations in a micro bikini you're just going to love to look at. Please note that most of this footage was originally released on the bonus DVD for "Sabra."
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Koibito Gokko DVD Koibito Gokko
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2006/10/20
Latest DVD release from Japan's top gravure idol Aki Hoshino showing off sexy poses and her first ever bubble scene!
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Finder Love Guide DVD FINDER LOVE GUIDE DVD
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2006/09/27
DVD release from the Guide DVD series features a game between Aki Hoshino and the cameraman as they quickly become friends. Features tons of Aki's sexiness.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Hoshino Expo DVD Hoshino Expo
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2006/07/28
Super-busy idol Aki Hoshino sneaks away to Guam for a sexy new image DVD! This time around this late-blooming lolita tries on a variety of costumes and more!
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Aki-Time DVD Aki-Time
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2006/06/25
New image DVD release from dynamite-bodied 88-cm big-bust idol Aki Hoshino has her in sexy poses you wouldn't even imagine if you've seen her other works! Picture-labeled disc.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Portfolio DVD Portfolio
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2006/01/27
Gravure idol, TV, and commercial star Aki Hoshino releases her first DVD for 2006! Just look at that face and you won't believe what sorts of sexy poses are waiting in this DVD. You'll love looking at that pale body!
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Gekkan Aki Hoshino DVD Gekkan Aki Hoshino
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2005/12/01
Latest DVD release from top gravure star Aki Hoshino in conjunction with gravure magazine "Gekkan." This time around she's at full eros mode thanks to director Rokuro Mochizuki, showing her stuff in a shocking short movie! Includes bonus postcard.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - NyaaA! CD NyaaA!
Aki Hoshino CD | Release: 2005/09/21
Debut single from Aki Hoshino on the Girl's Record label. You've seen her in gravure, variety shows, and TV commercials, now hear this wacky character in a brand new song! Includes the songs "Jashibanache no Thene Nyaa!" and "Wasurechao," plus karaoke versions. Also includes bonus DVD with gravure-themed music video. 
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Beach Angels in Hawaii DVD Beach Angels in Hawaii
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2005/04/21
Final release from the "TBS Channel Presents!" series, this time featuring the tiny body and luscious lips of Aki Hoshino. She's got a beautiful pale body and amazing 88-cm bust, and now she's ready for plenty of sexy poses. Also includes behind-the-scenes footage, gourmet info for the city in Hawaii, and town info.
Sexy Aki Hoshino - Darn-Tarn DVD Darn-Tarn
Aki Hoshino DVD | Release: 2004/05/20
Image DVD release from lolita boss Aki Hoshino. Her size 88 x 56 x 87 body just won't quit as she's bulges out of her outfits, performs T-back shots, tries on lingerie, and more. All showing off the cute face and intense female sexiness. Get ready to see more extreme shots from Aki than you've ever seen before.


Gravure idols (グラビアアイドル, gurabia aidoru?) are Japanese models who primarily pose in bikinis, leotards, and other provocative clothing for photo spreads in magazines and photobooks aimed largely at men. Fetish themes may include wrestling, martial arts, and Superheroines from tokusatsu. Gravure idols range from as young as age 9 to as old as 35. However, they do not pose nude or perform sexually explicit acts in their work. The term is derived from photogravure, or, technically more precise, rotogravure, the type of printing process used in the production of glossy magazines. In Japanese culture idol (アイドル, aidoru?) refers to mostly female media personalities in their teens and early twenties who are considered particularly cute and pretty and who will, for a period ranging from several months to a few years, regularly appear in the mass media, e. g. as singers for J-pop groups, bit-part actors, TV personalities (tarento), models in photo spreads published in magazines, advertisements, etc. It is commonly said female Japanese idols represent the perfect female form in Japanese society. They are symbols of female sexuality and are often dressed erotically. For this reason they are often idolized by both males and females. Male audiences' infatuations with an idol's good looks are fed with detailed information about the idol's measurements, favorite colors, food, hobbies, blood type, etc. Female audiences are interested in imitating their style, hair color, fashion, etc. Good examples of fashion-leader idols are Ayumi Hamasaki, hitomi, Ryoko Hirosue and Namie Amuro. An AV Idol (adult video idol; AV actress (AV女優, AV joyu?)) is a Japanese idol that works in the pornographic business, often both as an actress as well as a model as the video performances have a wide range, from just the idol strolling around their house doing chores in bikinis. Race queen" (レースクイーン, rēsu kuīn?) is a Japanese term for a type of promotional model found as part of a pit crew in certain kinds of motor racing, such as F1 races. The equivalent British term is "Pit babe". In Japan race queens have a higher profile and are regarded as idols varying only by the motor sport event they appear in. The average age for these girls is late teens to early twenties and demand for them wanes with age. Some go on to become models or even actresses but those who are unable to leverage their career into something larger, sometimes slowly "decline" into AV work, marriage and eventual obscurity. It is not unusual for some of them to have a background as an AV Idol.