Angel of Japan - Aki Hoshino

Aki HoshinoAki Hoshino
Birthdate:              March 14, 1977
Birth location:        Tokyo Japan
Birth name:            Hoshino Aki
Bust Size:              88cm
Waist Size:            56cm
Hip Size:               87cm
Shoe Size:             23.5cm
Height:                  1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight:                 47 kg (100 lb)
Eye color:             Brown
Hair color:            Brown
Natural breasts:    Yes
Orientation:          Heterosexual
Ethnicity:              Japanese
Hobbies:             Going to massage masters, walking, swallowing and then bringing back up seedless grapes (up to 10)

Hoshino Aki was born March 14, 1977, in Tokyo, Japan. A natural beauty, this girl entered the world
of modeling during her teens, appearing on the cover and inside popular magazines such as Petit Seven, Sabra, Bomb, Gekkan (also called Sincho) and Urecco

Shogakukan, the publisher of Sabra magazine has two mooks (magazine/books) featuring aki, Temptation Blue and Eye Candy.

Ironically, her disproportionately large breasts made her something of an outcast among her skinny peers, and Aki soon made the wise move to transition into bikini modeling. It was during this time that she also began acting, making her big screen debut in 2000 in Supêsutoraberâzu, an action-packed comedy about a botched bank robbery.

Aki also began appearing in her own low-budget DVD productions such as I am Hoshino Aki, which she released in August, 2002. The film proved to be popular and she continued to increase her exposure through magazine spreads, television cameos and soft-core productions such as Kekkô Kamen: Surprise and Kekkô Kamen: ritânzu, both of which were released in 2004.

2005 was an especially big year for Aki, as she appeared in over a half-dozen direct-to-DVD videos including Honey Angel, Gekkan Aki Hoshino, With You, Milk & Voice, I Wish You Love, and Beach Angels in Hawaii. She also proved her versatility with the release of the upbeat pop albums NyaaA! and Very Merry X’Mas/Kiss and Hugs, a playful showcase featuring Aki along with fellow busty bikini idols Hiroko Sato and Sayaka Isoyama.

The girls joined forces again the following year for the release of Girls Love Live, a recording of one of their boisterous live performances. Aki also kept herself busy that same year with the release of more direct to DVD productions including, most notably, Hoshino Expo, Watashi Tonjaimashita, Play H, Marriage Life, and Aki-Time.

Aki continues to be one of Japan’s most recognizable models and has already starred in a handful of sexy new films in 2007, including Dabu Hoshi, Kensa Nyuin and Present. Aki also appears in Awa Dance, a big-screen drama.

One of her nicknames is "Angel of Japan."

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Gravure idols (グラビアアイドル, gurabia aidoru?) are Japanese models who primarily pose in bikinis, leotards, and other provocative clothing for photo spreads in magazines and photobooks aimed largely at men. Fetish themes may include wrestling, martial arts, and Superheroines from tokusatsu. Gravure idols range from as young as age 9 to as old as 35. However, they do not pose nude or perform sexually explicit acts in their work. The term is derived from photogravure, or, technically more precise, rotogravure, the type of printing process used in the production of glossy magazines. In Japanese culture idol (アイドル, aidoru?) refers to mostly female media personalities in their teens and early twenties who are considered particularly cute and pretty and who will, for a period ranging from several months to a few years, regularly appear in the mass media, e. g. as singers for J-pop groups, bit-part actors, TV personalities (tarento), models in photo spreads published in magazines, advertisements, etc. It is commonly said female Japanese idols represent the perfect female form in Japanese society. They are symbols of female sexuality and are often dressed erotically. For this reason they are often idolized by both males and females. Male audiences' infatuations with an idol's good looks are fed with detailed information about the idol's measurements, favorite colors, food, hobbies, blood type, etc. Female audiences are interested in imitating their style, hair color, fashion, etc. Good examples of fashion-leader idols are Ayumi Hamasaki, hitomi, Ryoko Hirosue and Namie Amuro. An AV Idol (adult video idol; AV actress (AV女優, AV joyu?)) is a Japanese idol that works in the pornographic business, often both as an actress as well as a model as the video performances have a wide range, from just the idol strolling around their house doing chores in bikinis. Race queen" (レースクイーン, rēsu kuīn?) is a Japanese term for a type of promotional model found as part of a pit crew in certain kinds of motor racing, such as F1 races. The equivalent British term is "Pit babe". In Japan race queens have a higher profile and are regarded as idols varying only by the motor sport event they appear in. The average age for these girls is late teens to early twenties and demand for them wanes with age. Some go on to become models or even actresses but those who are unable to leverage their career into something larger, sometimes slowly "decline" into AV work, marriage and eventual obscurity. It is not unusual for some of them to have a background as an AV Idol.